AZUREX is our dyeing and washing facility. It was founded in 1993 with the objective of mastering product quality and offering a more complete service to our customers who are always in quest for innovation in the fashion world.

AZUREX started as a specialist in denim washing. With the emergence of new more and more demanding fashion tendencies, a special treatments department was added.

After a few years, as a further integration step, a dyeing laboratory was created.

The promising success of the new service within the group led us to add a dedicated dyeing facility and team. Currently at AZUREX, the demand of dyeing surpasses that of washing.

Today, AZUREX offers a wide range of treatments, from dyeing to finishing, through washing and special treatments, for a wide variety of materials.

For over two decades, AZUREX has been serving OLFA Group as well as a multitude of other garment makers who rely on our services.